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We are the phygital advertising company that is revolutionizing the way to get your messages reach directly the palm of the hands of your customers.

89% of the American population has access to mobile devices and there´s where we deliver your ads, whether coupons, discounts, brochures, of useful information. We are sure that your message will reach the devices due to our unique and innovative technology platform.

We are ready to support your advertising projects.


    Offer the best technology platform for the dissemination of mobile digital advertising.


    Be the leading phygital advertising company in America.


    2017, the year that marks the beginning of Be Free, Phygital Marketing.

Today´s statistics...

  • 12,302

    Be Free Beacons

  • 26

    Satisfied customers

  • 5

    States deployed

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Our Services

  • Phygital Advertising/h6>

    Ads, promos, coupons, discounts delivery to mobile devices.

  • Map display

    You decide where, when and which message you want to send in real time.

  • Profile selection

    You decide who should receive your messages based on their profile.

¿Where can it be deployed?...

¡Almost anywhere!

  • Restaurants
    Pay your customers attention when they pass in front of your restaurant.
  • Museums
    Display the details of the pieces of art that the visitors are looking at.
  • Bus stops and billboards
    Send the ads to the mobile devices when they pass nearby them.
  • Taxi cabs and buses
    Send the ads to any location where the vehicles are driving through.
  • Shopping Malls
    Send your promotions or coupons to all the shoppers that pass in front of your store.
  • Information Centers
    Send information to help the visitors, such as maps or location info.

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